The ABC of restroom cleaning

Imagine a spotless clean bathroom, space where you become calm from the aroma around you. A place where you can relax your stress away. It becomes a place where you spend a considerable amount of time and like it!   

As per a survey, 86% of customers said that they would not return to a place that had dirty restrooms. This hardly comes as a surprise when you consider how important a clean bathroom is to the overall hygiene of a building. 

A clean bathroom minimizes the spread of illness-causing germs. How? Because of the extra humidity in the air, bathrooms/restrooms act as hotspots for bacteria and viruses. Common touchpoints like doorknobs, faucets on toilets, and sinks have a host of bacteria on them which can be significantly reduced by advanced, safe, and proven germicidal products.

How do you clean your bathroom like the professionals do?

Before you begin cleaning that bathroom of yours, remember that you need to take care of everything at once. Scrubbing the toilet seat today and cleaning the bathroom floor the next day just won’t cut it! It will only leave you with a feeling that your bathroom is unclean and add up to your frustration. As we always say at My Blue Bottle, work with a strategy and have the right equipment in place!

The equipment

The strategy

Step 1

The first thing to do is prepare the right solution. The right solution will ensure the deep clean of scrubs and grim that is difficult to get rid of.

Step 2

Next, spray the solution on all surfaces that have to be cleaned. For the toilet bowl, sink, tub, and shower stall, use a disinfectant. 

Step 3

While the disinfectant settles on the toilet bowl, you can clean the outside of the toilet bow, the rim, the lid, the area behind the seat, and the floor.

Step 4

To deep clean the tub and the shower stall, you can apply an additional layer of cleaning substance, scrub and rinse the mildew from top to bottom. 

Step 5

Then, move to the sink and the mirror area. Start from the top with the mirror. Spray the cleaner onto a cotton cloth and clean the mirror surface. 

For wooden cabinets around the sink, remove the mould and the water stains that might have developed over the course of use of the restroom.

Step 6

For the floor, use a solution of vinegar and water (50-50) to clean effectively. After you’re done with the floor, give the toilet a last good scrub and flush for a shiny spotless clean!   

Now that you are done with cleaning the bathroom, go ahead and light those candles, smell the scented aroma and take in the good vibes OR if you can’t clean but still want to enjoy your next shower, give My Blue Bottle a call. As we say, we are only a click away. Restroom deep cleaning for residential and commercial complexes also available at our store!  

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