Are you waiting for Diwali to get a deep cleaning of your house? The wait is over. You can hire us at any time for a deep clean of your entire home, apartment or office space. A thorough cleaning is a great way to ensure that your home is pristine and sparkling, as well as, free from infections and viruses.

Parts of your house, especially kitchens and bathrooms, acquire layers of filth, oil, and grime that everyday cleaning can’t remove. Blue Bottle takes care of all those neglected places while deep cleaning your home.

Our Deep Cleaning Services Are Best For:

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Why Hire Blue Bottle for Deep Cleaning Service?

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to our customers and are guided in all we do by their needs.

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Our team provides a deep cleaning service from the ceiling to the floor. We pay attention to every small detail: Walls, trimmings, light fixtures, switch plates, the insides of window panes, shelves, and doors are just a few examples.

Blue Bottle technicians are equipped with high-end vacuums with the best filtration to eliminate dust, pollen, pet dander, and other airborne contaminants. Our team also uses microfiber cloths to remove dirt and dust from your house and disinfect commonly touched surfaces in a non-abrasive manner. We utilise disinfectants certified by EPA to destroy viruses and prevent covid spread.

We know you are counting on us! Blue Bottle guarantees the best results thanks to our highly trained technicians, who work for quality assurance. We can’t wait to show you that our deep cleaning services are timely and efficient. Call us today!

Highly Trained Professionals to Execute the work

Usage of State-of-the-Art Machines

Eco-Friendly Certified Disinfectants

Usage of PPE gear to avoid cross contamination

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The service was very good and the cleaning done was upto what we have expected. A decent job is done and we would like to continue to offer future projects and services to you.
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