A clean bathroom is a delightful space in your house for personal hygiene and relaxation. It is far more soothing and therapeutic to spend time in a clean and tidy environment.

Unsanitary bathrooms ruin this potential with a range of contaminants. Moisture in the bathroom may cause severe problems and the growth of bacteria. 

With a skilled bathroom cleaning service, you can ensure that your bathroom is clean and pleasant. Our expert bathroom cleaners work quickly, and efficiently, to maintain your personal health and hygiene.

Our bathroom cleaning services include the following:

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Why Hire Blue Bottle for Bathroom Cleaning?

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Did you know that germs in the average bathroom can get you sick with the common cold, stomach flu, E. coli, hepatitis A, as well as, staphylococcus? Millions of germs and bacteria rest on doorknobs, sinks, and toilet fittings of your washroom if it has not been thoroughly disinfected. In fact, bacteria can survive on these hard surfaces for more than two hours.

Blue Bottle cleaning and sanitising services incorporate cleaning/ disinfecting of all surfaces and a thorough wipe-through with a fiber cloth. Our skilled technicians will thoroughly clean your bathroom in a non-abrasive manner, since we use biodegradable products which do not emit harmful irritants or fumes.

Urging For A Spotless Bathroom Clean?

With Blue Bottle’s best home bathroom cleaning services, you can give yourself and your family the gift of a clean bathroom. We’re a professional cleaning service devoted to keeping your entire house as clean as possible. 

Highly Trained Professionals to Execute the work

Usage of State-of-the-Art Machines

Eco-Friendly Certified Disinfectants

Usage of PPE gear to avoid cross contamination

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